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Factors That Affect The Cost Of Renting A Charter Boat For West Palm Beach Bachelorette Party

May 18, 2022

Planning a yacht charter for your bachelorette is a great idea, but at the same time, it is highly challenging, especially when it comes to estimating the cost of renting a boat. Yachts often come with a base price, which is the weekly charge of renting a boat. But apart from the base costs, there are some other expenses like local taxes, food/drink, or fuel that you need to pay for renting the boat. But the good news here is that it is quite simple to grasp the basics of the pricing of yacht charters. And it will help you to estimate the cost of the boat rental bachelorette party more accurately.

When you plan your West Palm Beach bachelorette party on the yacht, it would be challenging to learn where to begin, mainly when it comes to estimating the cost of the boat. Usually, there is a base rate when it comes to renting yachts, but other fees will be applicable as well. Here are the main factors, which affect the cost of yacht prices:

There are mainly two types of yacht rentals:

1. All-inclusive yachts: All-inclusive yacht rentals are what they mainly sound like. Here the rates are calculated depending on the total number of guests, who will be on board, and here the rates also include the costs of drink, food, fuel, and other associated costs. There may be some taxes or dockage on top of these costs. Therefore, it is always best to confirm the complete cost with the boat rental company including the numbers.
2. Additional expenses: In this type of plan, you will be charged for the boat, and after that, all these additional expenses would be included in the base rate. The commonest additional rates levied along with the yacht boat rental are:
 Food and bar
 Running expenses
 Dockage fees
 Crew
 Port taxes
 Snorkeling, diving, or water toys
 Bartenders/ servers
 Communication
 Boat/ transport airport
 Gratuity for the crew members

Other factors that decide the cost of renting a yacht boat are:

1. The vessel or the boat: The boat type you are planning to charter for your bachelorette party, can affect the overall cost of the event. Some of the features of a yacht, which can affect the cost are:
 The year when the boat was made
 Whether the boat was renovated or updated
 The manufacturer of the boat
 The previous owners of the boat
 The selection of amenities and water toys onboard
 The reputation of the boat of being the largest or the most luxurious

1. Destination: The destinations where you are planning to sail to celebrate your bachelorette also decide how expensive the charter will be. For instance, the rates are more competitive where there is more competition. On the contrary, chartering a boat is costlier in an area where an extensive charter fleet is not available. But if you decide to charter with a top-rated company, you will mostly be offered an all-inclusive package where the charter company will help you in planning everything related to your special event or occasion based on your preference and budget. This will help you to fully enjoy the party.
2. Season: In the “busy season” or “high season”, costs tend to be higher as in these seasons the demand for yacht charters becomes higher. On the other hand, the prices decrease in the low season as some services are not available all around the year or the weather may not be perfect.
3. Value Added Tax or VAT and other taxes: The majority of the boats whether you choose all-inclusive ones or additional expenses ones, would not include VAT or local
taxes into the charter rates. The charterers would be liable for paying all those taxes. And the taxes significantly range by the destination.
4. Crew gratuity: While this is not a mandatory expense, it is often recommended, especially if you are highly impressed with the charter experience. Usually, crew gratuity is charged around 15-20% on the base of the charter boat rate that is then handed to the captain once your trip ends.
5. Insurance: Charterers are allowed to purchase curtailment and cancellation insurance, which is quite similar to the traveler’s insurance. This insurance helps in covering costs in case the charterer has to shorten or cancel the trip. If you are doing it for the first time, then the charter brokers can assist you in weighing different options for insurance and they also offer many options to suit your needs.
6. Delivery fees: Although this type of fee is not applicable in the majority of the charters, you may be asked to pay these costs if you don’t charter in the normal cruising ground of the yacht. In the majority of the cases, you will only have to cover the fuel for the entire trip.

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