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Few Reasons To Consider Captained Boat Day Charter West Palm Beach

August 17, 2022

The main reason why people choose to rent a charter boat for vacation is to relax in a stress- free environment while enjoying quality time with their near and dear ones. And the overall experience is complemented by beautiful destinations surrounded by the West Palm Beach water, perfect weather, and a good synergy among all your guests. Therefore, the overall feeling is just indescribable.
Often experienced people think of nothing more than freeing the captains to pilot their yachts through the beautiful West Palm Beach water. Yes, it is not wrong to captain your vessel. Piloting the boat ensures making regular trips to the cockpit when your guests would kick back with their favorite drinks while washing away their worries with the gentle waves. So, by choosing to captain your boat rental charter, you will not get ample time to enjoy the sun loungers as you have to think about the unexpected challenges, that docking would bring.
But opting for a captained boat day charter West Palm Beach has its range of benefits, especially if you are new or inexperienced. Hiring an experienced captain and crew for your yacht is one of the best decisions you can take to enjoy a gala time with your close ones on board. Hiring a captain for the boat will allow you to spend more time with your guests while enjoying the sites. So, remember that if you are going for a boat rental trip for the first time, then the selection of a captain of your boat can make or break the entire experience.
Now let’s have a look at the main benefits that you can enjoy by hiring a captain for your charter boat rental.

1. A captained boat will allow you to de-stress: Nothing can be more satisfying than leaving behind the worries of the outside world while you cruise along the beautiful water of West Palm Beach and listen to the sound of water to distress yourself. Besides, when you choose a boat rental trip, you get the scope to take full advantage of the luxury features that the vessel offers. And by hiring a captain for the boat, you will get ample time to spend with your guests instead of just watching them relish all the amenities from the control room.

2. Hiring a captain is similar to hiring a local expert: When you choose to hire an expert captain for the boat rental trip, you would get an expert to guide you throughout. Although you can captain the boat on your own by searching through forums, asking your cruising friends, digging deep into blogs on the web, or buying guidebooks, you can still be in the dark about the spots in water or lands to hang out in West Palm Beach. As the captains have an abundance of experience about the places where they operate, they can help you to reach even the hard-to-discover and hidden destinations and experiences that would make your trip worthwhile.

3. You are not allowed to drink when captaining the boat: When you decide to rent a boat to celebrate some special event of your life or to have a special getaway with your near and dear ones, you must want to let yourself loose. And when you have a captain at the helm, you are free to enjoy your favorite drink any time of the day. But if you choose to captain the boat, you must remember that in the majority of American waters, the limit of boating blood alcohol is 0.08%. This means you can’t mix captaining and cocktails.

4. The captain will look after the docking job: Docking a boat can be a stressful job. You have to check current, drift, and wind while maintaining an eye on other boats. But you can get rid of this worry by choosing to rent a captained boat. In the case of captained boat day charter West Palm Beach, while the captains will take care of the decking job, you can enjoy the smooth glide toward the dock with your guests without thinking about anything.

5. Boat captains are well-informed about the local news: Immigration and customs facilities can often sour your safe and peaceful vacation with complete frustration. But with an experienced captain by your side on the boat, the customs process can be easier even when you cruise across international lines. captained boat day charter West Palm Beach can help you to enter your desired route while clearing customs effortlessly.

6. A captained boat rental can help you get lowered insurance rates: Insurance providers always rely on the boating skills, expertise, and knowledge of the boat captains. And this thing results in lower insurance premiums. Apart from that, hiring expert captains to dock your rental boat also ensure that they will keep your boat out of harm’s way. As a result, there will be fewer accidents in the long term.

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