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How To Inspect The Exterior Of An Intracoastal Cruise Boat Rental Charter Before Renting?

November 3, 2022

Checking the boat thoroughly before you set sail is one of the most vital tasks that you need to do to ensure that you can enjoy the boat trip without any hitch. But it is not possible to check absolute each and everything. So, you must focus on the key equipment and items on the boat. To help you out, in this blog, you will find an important checklist of the things that you have to inspect on the Intracoastal cruise boat rental charter. But before you start, you must turn all the important switches on the saloon on the dashboard.

What are the things you must not miss when checking the boat exterior?

1. Check the deck and hull: You should start the inspection of the boat exterior by checking the stern, bow, sides, and deck. It is better to carry your camera or
Smartphone with you and click photos of the visible scratches, check the boat edges at the stern and on the sides closely, the bow area near the anchor, and the bow to find out the signs of damage.

2. Check the shifting gear and the operation of the engine: Ask anyone to start the boat engine during your inspection so that you can check the engine’s operation. Ask that person to accelerate, shift to forward, shift to reverse, shift to neutral, and then accelerate again. Shifting gear must be smooth enough and you must be able to feel the transition between forward, neutral, and reverse. Also, check whether the engine can be rev in neutral to charge the batteries and whether the engine is properly cooling down.

3. Check the rigging (ropes, sails, and other sailing-related items): Ask the Intracoastal cruise boat rental charter company to hoist the sails of the boat. This will help you to find out whether the sails are working properly or they are damaged. In case the sails are damaged, then ask the company to replace or repair them before your trip. Also, it is important to check the lines, stoppers, winches, and boom mast attachments. If you find those are frayed, damaged, or anything missing, then make sure that they are properly replaced. Last but not least, inspect the shrouds, mast, boom, and the fore and aft stay for damage.

4. Check the anchor and anchor windlass: Keep the engine running and check the anchor by going to the bow. Check the connection between the anchor and chain, the position of the anchor mount (to check whether it is damaged or the chain is attached securely to the anchor), and the anchor. Apart from that, don’t forget to check the controls of the anchor. Try to raise and lower the anchor properly.

5. Check the autopilot and rudder: You should not choose an Intracoastal cruise boat rental without checking the operation of the autopilot and steering wheel(s) to find out whether those can take control of the rudders. Another thing you can do is to conduct a visual check of the rudder blade(s) if it is possible to see them from the jetty.

6. Check the onboard equipment: Another thing you must check in the Intracoastal cruise boat rental charter is the onboard instruments like the depth indicating instruments, marine plotter, autopilot data, and wind speed and direction. Also, check the rescue light buoy and lifebuoy. Other things of onboard equipment that you have to check are the onboard lights including engine light, position lights, deck light shining from the mast to the front area of the deck, and the stern light and the location of the life raft.

7. Check the outboard motor: When it comes to hiring an onboard motor, always check whether the motor is attached firmly to the railing and whether a kill cord is also
available. Briefly check it on the mount by starting and giving it some throttle and then killing it.

8. Check the cockpit lockers: You should also check the important equipment in the cockpit lockers that include the storage space located under the helm/cockpit floors. Besides, in these storage compartments, you must find a reserve tiller, lines, and reserve anchors in storage compartments for mooring to the shore, a bucket, a lever for a hand bilge pump, a water hose, a pump for the dinghy, a life raft, and paddles.

9. Check the dinghy: It is important to check the dinghy attached to the rental boat is not damaged and is also perfectly inflated. If the dinghy is not inflated sufficiently, then you must ask it to inflate during inspection to check whether any air is escaping.

10. Check the gas cylinders: Last but not least, check the gas cylinder’s condition whether the cylinders are full. To feel the cylinder’s weight in the hand, check whether the valve is working and whether the hose is worn. Besides, turn the valve on and then test the oven and stove.


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