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Things That You Must Check Inside Before Choosing A Palm Beach Yacht Rental

November 9, 2022

So, you have planned your first charter trip with your family members, acquaintances, friends, or work colleagues and you have also booked the charter boat. But what is the next thing that comes? You have to keep in mind first that the charter trip is not a packaged holiday. There are different points you need to consider when it comes to preparing for your Palm Beach yacht rental trip. Considering these tips will help you to decide that your charter dream will not convert into a nightmare. So, to help you out, in this blog, we are going to offer you some important checkpoints that would help you to be successful in your dream holiday.

What are the things you should look for in a boat interior?

1. Safety equipment: You can’t rent a Palm Beach Yacht Rental without checking its safety equipment ranges. The important safety equipment ranges of a charter boat are its location, number, and condition of harnesses and life jackets. So, if you are going to charter with kids, then make sure that there are adequate life jackets for both adults and kids. Remember that the total number of lifejackets in a boat should be the same as the boat’s capacity. Also, check whether these jackets are suitable for people of different sizes. Besides, there should be enough harnesses available on board for the entire crew members. Other safety equipment ranges you must keep a check on are the locations of shroud/stay cutters, fire axes, and fire extinguishers. Properly check the signal equipment like day shapes and flares. The first aid kit is another important safety piece of equipment in a boat. So, don’t forget to check its contents. Last but not least, check whether the boat includes bosun’s chair. Ask the boat rental provider to get it if it is not there.

2. Cooking equipment: Start by checking and turning on the gas at the stove. Then light the flame by using matches or a lighter. Then test all the ovens and hobs gradually to check whether they work. Also, check all the galley cooking utensils.

3. Navigation equipment: Before you rent a boat, you should check the navigation equipment properly including navigation aids like rulers, dividers/compass, erasers, pencils, charts, and guides/pilots for the areas.

4. Refrigerator: When you are checking the cooking equipment, you should also check the condition of the refrigerator. If you are planning a trip during summer, then the refrigerator is the second most vital thing in the Palm Beach yacht charter after the engine. So, check whether it is cooling properly and whether the temperature can be regulated.

5. Toilets: Check whether the toilets of the boats flush properly and whether there is no leakage of water in the toilet or washbasin area. Also, check whether the boat has a waste holding tank along with the location of the cock to drain that.

6. Tanks and availability of water: It is also important to check whether water drains and flows properly everywhere in the showers and sinks of the boats. Then find out the areas to turn off the waste pipes and water pipes. If you are not getting proper information, ask someone from the charter company about the location of the tanks, and where and how to switch on/off them. Also, get information about the tank filler. And ask whether the tanks are topped up.

7. VHF and other types of electrical equipment: Check the functionality of the radio transmitter by switching it on/off, tuning the channel, and performing a squelch test. Next, check the socket functionality along with the conditions of the water and fuel gauges. Then check the functionality of the WiFi on board. Don’t forget to check the boat’s switches, check their on/off positions, and whether they work properly. Have a look at the lights located inside the boat. Ask about the details of those switches whose functions you don’t know. Apart from that, check the location of the battery switches, the main circuit breakers, the main power switch, and the anchor windlass on the boat.

8. Documents of the Palm Beach Yacht Rental: The important boat documents are the permit to sail in Palm Beach, the technical inspection certificate, the boat’s insurance, and the crew list. Also, ask the charter company to offer you the details of a contact person if any problem arises.

9. Boat engine: Last but not least, check the engine compartment of the boat and check for signs of oil leakage. Make sure that the areas around and under the engine are clean and dry without any signs of oil leaking. Also, check the location of the fuel tank filler. Check the fuel gauge thoroughly and ask someone from the charter company whether the tank is topped up. To ensure that the tank is fueled, visit a filling station and refuel the boat before you start the trip.

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